Supervisory Referrals

A supervisor may refer an employee with job performance problems to the EAP for assistance. The goal of this referral is to assist the employee with any problems that may be impacting job performance. The employee may refuse this referral and this will not result in disciplinary action. It is always the employee’s right to refuse the EAP. Please fill out one of the forms below and send it to the EAP. You may call the EAP to make an appointment for the employee or have the employee call and make the appointment.

To download this, right click on the link and download it to your disk.

Supervisor Referral Form-computer fill in

Supervisor Referral Report for hand writing and then faxing, 2016

Supervisor Training

Supervisory training is password protected. To get a password, call the EAP at 667.214.1555.

Supervisory Training