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Webinar: Work/Life Balance

Wellness Messaging of the Week

EAP Special Session: Work/Life Balance

This session will help you develop a greater state of equilibrium between your work and your life, and help you identify barriers that are keeping you from having the work/life balance you desire.

Wednesday, September 9th
3pm (EST) 1 hour Session

Webinar: Parents Working and Caring for Children During the Pandemic

Wellness Messaging of the Week

EAP Special Session: Parents Working and Caring for Children During the Pandemic

This presentation is geared towards couples/single parent developing coping skills to manage their emotional stress. This will be an opportunity to share what other parents are doing to survive, and to realize other parents understand the struggle.

Wednesday, September 16th
3pm (EST) 1 hour Session

Webinar: Self-Care

Wellness Messaging of the Week

EAP Special Session: Self-Care

Using a self-care inventory, participants will evaluate their current self-care practices and other practices to improve their overall well being.

Wednesday, August 26th
3pm (EST) 1 hour Session

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Do You Know Someone?

A Launch Your Life Mini Retreat

Thursday 11/7/2019
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

School of Social Work  Auditorium and Atrium
525 W. Redwood Street,  Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Open to the entire UMB community, UMB’s Launch Your Life is hosting a mini retreat on November 7, 2019. The event will contain powerful sessions on topics to increase awareness and reduce stigma.

View agenda for more details. Complimentary lunch is provided.

For more information and/or to register as a *FPI employee, please email:  

*FPI employees must have leave approved by manager prior to registering


 Nurturing Your Mind in the Digital Age: Presentation Slides available HERE.

10 Money-Saving Lessons

Are you overwhelmed with financial stress? Access KOFE webinars instantly for valuable information on money saving lessons. Here you can expand your knowledge of debt management, credit consolidation, student loan repayment, first time home buying, and increase overall financial wellness.

Access webinars and PowerPoint presentations instantly to improve financial literacy skills. Register and instantly access webinars.

GoToWebinar: Student Loans- Part 1
To access slides to presentation: 
Click Here 

GoToWebinar: Student Loans- Part 2 
To access slides to presentation: 
Click Here

Check out more information located under “Financial Counseling”

Relationship need a little Readjusting?

Would you and your spouse or significant other like to learn a few new tips to improve your relationship?  A couple of the EAP counselors learned some new approaches to help people improve communication and understanding between partners.  They would like to share them with you beginning in October, for 5 sessions. Call the EAP at 8-5860 to sign up or for additional information. Space is limited to 5 couples so sign up soon!

Couples’ Workshop Series

For You and Your Partner

The EAP will be holding a Workshop for couples interested in enhancing their relationships.  The small group will meet for five sessions, Oct0ber 22- November 19, 2013 on Tuesdays, 4:30-6:30.  Space is limited.  You can sign up now to reserve your space.  Please call us at 410.328.5860 or by email us at


Caregivers- Information Session

Help for Caregivers

The EAP will host a lunchtime workshop for Caregivers on Friday, April 26 from noon-1:00. Regina Curran, who is a Geriatric Care Manager and also the President of the local chapter of Care Managers will be presenting information to a small group of Caregivers.

A geriatric care manager assists older adults and persons with disabilities reach their maximum functional potential.  The person’s independence is encouraged, while safety and security concerns are addressed.Every person’s circumstances are different.  Families can be faced with many alternatives and may not know how to choose the alternative that will be the best fit for that person and that family.  Geriatric care managers can help identify alternatives and provide guidance to help a family as they address the needs of the older adult or the person with disabilities.
Information on geriatric care  management is available at .

The EAP will provide a light lunch for the first 10 people who sign up for the presentation next Friday.  Please email Maureen at if you would like to attend.